This page contains links to various websites including: VETERANS SITES, 2/17TH CAVALRY SITES, 101ST AIRBORNE SITES, AND MILITARY & ASSOCIATION SITES. This page also contains links to some videos. If you discover a problem with any of these links, please send a message to the Condor website administrator.

The following links are related to a film written and directed by an Australian woman who was an entertainer in Vietnam. The film is entitled "Entertaining Vietnam" and is about some civilian entertainers whom we saw and enjoyed in 'Nam. These were not the Bob Hopes and other pros, just civilians who got the itch for adventure and fun. The Amazon link is for those who want to purchase the film. The second link is for those who want to watch the film but may not be available after a while.


Videos taken at Army Aviation Historical Foundation events. They have restored several Vietnam Era helicopters and give rides at the Air Shows to which they are invited.

Very good video on SAR (search and rescue) from the Air Force and coordinated Navy pilot extraction in Laos. -53s, OVs and A-1s are featured.
Navy Pilot Extraction in Laos
Cockpit audio tapes of air assaults into LZ Lolo and LZ Sopia under fire in the first few days of Lam Son 719. Brace yourselves these will raise the hair on the back of your neck.
Cockpit Audio Tapes - Lam Son 719

Vietnam Revisited - a Michigan-based film, but relevant to all.
Vietnam Revisited
"Farewell to a Hero" - Michael Putzel has discovered he could purchase a copy of Farewell to a Hero (i.e., Major Newman) in PDF format, so he did. He doesn’t think the photos would print very well because they are fairly low-res, but they look pretty good on a computer screen. He stored the file in Dropbox, and he welcomed me to share the link. The opening pages look pretty empty because of the book’s layout, but all the text and photos are there if you scroll down.
Farewell to a Hero

Application for Health Benefits
Army Aviation Association Scholarships
Granite Recovery Centers
Homeless Veterans Services
Military Awards & Decorations Request
Military Service Record Request
National Cemetery System
National Veterans Legal Services Program
National Veterans Services Fund
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Compensation & Pension Examinations
PTSD Treatment
States Departments of Veterans Affairs
The Recovery Village - Substance Abuse Resources for Veterans
The Recovery Village - Substance Abuse Resources for Active Duty
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans & Mesothelioma (
Veterans Needing Help if Diagnosed with Mesothelioma
Veterans Online Benefits Applications
Veterans Search
VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars
Vietnam Veterans of America

2/17th Cavalry
2/17th Hueys
A Troop 2/17th Cavalry
B Troop 2/17th Cavalry
C Troop 2/17th Cavalry Museum Photos
D Troop 2/17th Cavalry
LZ Sally

101st Airborne Division Website
101st Airborne Division History
101st Airborne Vietnam Base Camps/Firebases
101st Airborne Vietnam Vets Association
101st Airborne LRRP/Rangers of Vietnam

Texas Tech Vietnam Center and Archives Home Page
Texas Tech Vietnam Center and Archives - Digitized Documents
Lam Son 719 Website
Army Air Crews
American War Library
Bell's Cobra Going Strong After 50 Years
Carved in the Wall
FSB Ripcord Association
Hueys - In the Shadow of the Blade
Huey Training
Medal of Honor Citations, esp. Vietnam
Military Channel - Daily TV Listings
Military Graphics & Decals
Military Heritage Museum
Military Women in Vietnam
National Vietnam War Museum
Stars & Stripes - Veterans
Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association
Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network
Vietnam Helicopter Images & Artifacts - C/2/17
Vietnam Helicopter Images & Artifacts - General
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
Vietnam: Looking Back at the Facts
Vietnam Travel Guide
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Virtual Wall
Vietnam Vets - Welcome Home
Vietnam War Books - Annotated
Vietnam War Commemoration
Vietnam War - Statistics