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We encourage you to share your photos. First, request a Photo Gallery from either Richard Frazee or Ken Smith by using the Contact Members feature on the Home Page. Once you have your own Photo Gallery, you can add photos to it at any time. If you would like them uploaded to another gallery, please contact either Richard Frazee or Ken Smith. They will work with you to either add pictures to an existing Gallery or set up another Gallery for you.

Only .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg image file types are allowed and limited to 20MB file size

Additional photos can be found on other personal or non-Condors web sites -- see the "Links" tab.
DO YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD A PICTURE FOR PERSONAL USE? Check out this website: This free software can take a shot of any portion of your screen. You can then save that shot as a separate file/photo for personal use. (See the following "Notice".)
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