Condors Alumni Association Dissolved - Managing Committee Formed

Last revised Aug 1, 2014

As of 15 November 2017, the Condors Alumni Association has been dissolved and a new Management Committee has been formed to continue the mission of striving to preserve the memory, history, and honoring those who served with C Troop, 2/17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division, before, during, and after the Vietnam War; of maintaining and strengthening the camaraderie that distinguished the soldiers that served with the Troop; of providing for the research, dissemination and preservation of information concerning Association members and assisting members in locating others with whom they served; of sponsoring and coordinating periodic reunions to preserve and promote the "Condor Spirit" and traditions among all veterans that served with C Troop 2/17th Cavalry.

The Condor Alumni Management Committee will initially consist of three members, Lonnie Turner, Greg “Duff” Fleming, and Ken Smith. Efforts will be made to expand the committee to 5 members to specifically include post-Vietnam war Condors. (Please feel free to throw your name in the hat right away.)

Ken Smith will continue to support communications efforts by maintaining a roster of Condors (and email distribution list) and work closely with Richard Frazee to address website issues.

Rather than requiring membership dues, the Committee will solicit an annual voluntary donation (suggesting $25) from Condor Alumni to continue replenishing the treasury. Correspondingly, all Condor Alumni will now have a “vote” on significant issues. No longer will voting be restricted to “dues-paying members”.

The Management Committee has designated 2 Condors at this time to be available for support and consultation in their areas of expertise – Emil Hirsch will provide support and guidance for future formal reunions and Richard Frazee will provide guidance and support for the website and prior-association transition items.

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